Twitter User Who Designed New Logo for Innoson Vehicles Gets Reply from Company

By Onyekere Ifeanyi, The Sight News

ENUGU: A Twitter user and graphic designer had his fate changed Wednesday, when the attention of the CEO Innoson Vehicles, Mr. Innocent Chukwuma was drawn to his proposed logo for the Nnewi based automobile company.

The social media went agog with the ingenious designs and interpretations of the logo proposed by @osuolale_farouq, with a lot of people sharing the logo on their social media handles.


In a social media turnaround that could be compared to that of Olajumoke Orisaguna—bread seller turned celebrity, the attention of the company was drawn to the proposal, and consequently, the CEO responded, requesting the designer’s contact details.


In a related development, another graphics designer, Atue Justice subsequently designed another logo,but wasn’t as lucky as Farouq at the moment.


His efforts got mixed reactions from Nigerians. While others liked it, majority decided to stick with that of Farouq and  he also did not get the favour Farouq had from the manufacturer.


Nigerian youths are maximizing the social media networks, especially Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to showcase their art and craft to the world.

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