Take Charge, Organize Your House—HURIWA Urges Police IG, Adamu

Gift Olivia Samuel, The Sight News

ABUJA: The Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria(HURIWA), has charged the Inspector-General of Police (IGP), Muhammed Adamu to organise his house and stop creating the impression that he is not in charge.

This is just as the group, urged the IGP to take a thorough look at the possibility of centralizing the functions of his operatives, adding that there is no need for multiple sub-teams, as that is not the way organised countries operate.

The Coordinator, Comrade Emmanuel Onwubiko, who made this known at a Press Conference in Abuja, called the attention of the IGP Mohammed Adamu to the alleged conspiratorial plot to undermine his authority by some of his officers.

HURIWA appealed to the IGP to stop alleged setup of the traditional ruler of Obeagu Awkunanaw in Enugu South Local Government Area, His Highness Igwe Mike Nnukwu, whose Community had in 2019 reported to him about threats to invade their Community assets

The Association was reacting to a Save Our Soul(SOS) petition dated June 11th 2019, which was sent to the Inspector General of Police Mohammed Adamu by a legal team representing the Obeagu Awkunanaw community which bothered on intimidation, harassment, Brigandage, thuggery, wanton destruction of properties, forcible entry, threat to peace and illegal conversion of properties by one Private Estate International West Africa Ltd.

The matter it said, was assigned to IGP Monitoring Unit, Force Headquarters Abuja, Team E and has been under investigation.

The petitioners had reported as follows: “We are a firm of legal practitioners and solicitors and our services have been retained by Chief Reuben Okafor of Obeagu Awkunanaw Community of Enugu South Local Government Area of Enugu State who shall hereinafter be referred to as our client and upon whose express authority, mandate and instruction we forward this save our soul request to you.

“According to our client, the entire Obeagu Awkunanaw community was recently engulfed in an act of intimidation, harassment, thuggery, forcible entry, conversion and above all, a threat to peace aimed at forcefully and unlawfully converting both the farm lands and the residential homes belonging to our client and those of his community at large without the consent of either our client or that if the entire community.

“It is against the development as above stated that our client in his little capacity embarked on an inquiry so as to unravel the cause and/or the source of this action which has occasioned the destruction of various houses, farm lands and economic trees and which inquiry revealed to our client’s consternation that it is a private company known as Private Estate International West Africa Ltd. that has procured legally or otherwise the services of some armed thugs as well as some military personnel to work in concert towards unlawfully evicting our client and indeed the entire indigenes of our client’s community from their community so as to enable them develop our client’s community into a private estate for sale to the general public.

“Considering the above and in appreciation of the fact that our client together with other indigenes of his community would have no place of abode when evicted from their community by the Private Estate International West Africa Ltd., our client has deemed it most appropriate to approach your office as a bastion of his hope while making a save our souls request to you.

“Convinced that you would come to the rescue of our client by causing a very discreet investigation to be conducted into the unlawful and illegal activities of the said Private Estate International West Africa Ltd against our client, we wish to convey our client’s very profound and unalloyed gratitude to you. The Counsel Jibrin Saidu endorsed this petition to the IGP last year”.

Onwubiko, however expressed shock that few days back, HURIWA was told that the same persons and corporate body dragged to the IGP allegedly circumvented the process and succeeded in convincing another SET of policemen to try to rope in the petitioners into another SET of crime, so as to undermine the conclusion of the investigation of the original petition.

According to him, “Allegedly in a bid to evade justice, Kingsley Eze and Private Estates International West Africa Limited allegedly sponsored this petition with IGP Special Tactical Squad, Guzape, Abuja thereby undermining and sabotaging the ongoing investigation at IGP Monitoring Unit and not the traditional ruler of the aggrieved community that petitioned the IGP.

“This time around the police team perpetrating this set up and a wholesale illegality then added armed robbery, just to rope in those who had earlier petitioned the IGP against these new petitioners”, he said. 

In line with this, HURIWA charged the IGP to organise his house and not create the impression that he is not in charge. 

“Why build up another petition to sabotage an ongoing investigation and by the way why is the investigation taking ages to be conclusively determined? This shows that the undue delay in concluding the probe of the original investigation created the room for this sudden plot which we strongly suspect to be a setup which must never be allowed to proceed or else the police will be seen as a HOUSE OF ORGANISED CONFUSION whereby there is total lack of professionalism and discipline”, he emphasized. 

He stressed that HURIWA’s interest in confronting the hydra-headed monster of indiscipline among the security forces is because of the threat they pose to the sustenance of constitutional democracy, adding that if the rule of law is undermined, invariably, democracy is under a grave danger of imminent collapse.

“We are questioning the rationale of delaying an investigation for up to one year. The petition was sent in June 2019 and in 2020 the investigation is yet to be completed”, he queried. “We are calling on the IGP to look at this matter decisively and put an end to the act of duplicating petitions. All investigative matters should be centralized. Can they just organise themselves and not create the impression that Nigeria is a banana republic for once?”

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