Suspected “Wonder Bank” Under Fire For Payment Method. 

By Michael Peter, The Sight News

Abuja: Some investors who invested their money into a suspected Ponzi scheme put together by Galaxy Transportation and Construction Services Ltd, have raised alarm over what they described as selective payment. 

Recall that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC had arrested the Company’s Managing Director Babagana Dalori for allegedly collecting N7 billion from 20,700 potential investors. 

Dalori allegedly lured unsuspecting investors with returns on investment as high as 135 percent and, in some cases, 200 percent.

Following the arraignment, the company commenced payment of investors whose monies it had hitherto refused to pay. 

On hearing of the payment, some clients whose monies are yet to be paid, invaded the company’s premises in Abuja, expressing disappointment in the company’s failure to include them in the payment schedule. 

They pointed out that although the company had insisted that it is first considering for payment, those with the least capital in the business, those who petitioned it to the EFCC, were captured in the latest payments.

A lady who only identified herself as a client, told newsmen that, “As much as it is good that some people are receiving alert, I have to say that I feel bitter about the company’s decision to settle the petitioners without considering those of us who chose to reason with them”.

She also alleged that the payment is part of ongoing negotiations between the company and the petitioners, stressing that it is ‘among the conditions to withdraw their petition from the EFCC.’

Another lady, Aisha Umar, who said she came from Borno State to find out the truth about the payments, also added that, “it is unfair for the company to consider the petitioners and sideline others who stood by them”.

“I came from Borno to check what is happening because of what I read on the client’s chat group.

‘We heard that Hadiza Abba Dahiru, Hadiza Mata and Bappah Abdulrahman, along with other petitioners have begun receiving their payments. Is it because they went to EFCC?” she asked.

Meanwhile reacting to the development,  Mr. Abdulhamid Ibrahim, a media consultant to the Company, confirmed that some of the petitioners were indeed paid but assured that those who are yet to be paid would soon receive payment . 

Though he did not give enough details, he explained that the company is negotiating with some of them and that the payments were part of conditions to settle the matter between the two parties.

“Yes, the company is negotiating with some of them. And yes, after the last payment, some of them have approached the management of the company, saying that they will close their case if they will be considered in subsequent payments.

“What we did was to go back and look at our payment schedule, and we tried to review the criteria. For instance, for every 150 clients on schedule, we consider a few of the petitioners. So it is wrong to allege that it is selective. The general payment is not affected at all.

“And let it also be known that regardless of whether you wrote petition or not, as long as your money is with the company, you will be paid and as you are aware this has already commenced with three batches already down. Once it is your batch, you will get your payment,” he ended.

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