President Buhari Receives National Minimum Wage C’tte Report, Promises Immediate Action

President Buhari receiving the Tripartite Committee report from the Chairperson, Ama Pepple. Image/ @MBuhari

President Muhammadu Buhari has received the report of the National Minimum Wage Committee in Abuja

Buhari received the report from the Chairperson of the Tripartite Committee, Ama People,Tuesday evening.

In his remarks while receiving the report, the President said that the government’s plan is to transmit an Executive Bill to the National Assembly for passage within the shortest possible time.

President Buhari in a handshake with Ama Pepple while Government officials, Minimum Wage Committee members and organised labour leaders watched.

According to a speech by the President obtained by The Sight News from the President’s Twitter handle @MBuhari, he stressed that workers’ welfare will continue to be the government’s priority.

He said, “A year ago, on November 27, 2017, I inaugurated the National Minimum Wage Committee,with a mandate to recommend a new minimum wage for Nigerian workers. I am pleased that they have now completed their work,and submitted the Report. The entire nation is grateful for their service.

“From the onset, we knew the committee had a difficult task ahead of it; that there would be heated debates and strong differences, on the way to a consensus position acceptable by all parties.

“It is truly inspiring is that(sic), in all of this, the members of the Committee always came back to the negotiating table with a common goal of improving the welfare of Nigerian workers.

“We recognize the validity of both sides of the debate: On the government side, the concerns around affordability, considering that even today many states struggle to meet existing salary obligations. And on the side of labour, there is the need for any increase to be meaningful.

“I ask for patience and understanding from everyone in the coming weeks, as we commence a review of the Minimum Wage Report. Our plan is to transmit an Executive Bill to the National Assembly for passage within the shortest possible time.

“The welfare of workers will continue to be our priority. I thank the leadership of the organized labour and private sector, and representatives of State and Federal Govts, for all their hard work. That we’re now here at this stage of the review process, is a notable achievement” he ended.

Recall that the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) suspended its planned strike action early Tuesday,  following an agreement reached with the federal government over the payment of N30,000 as Minimum Wage to workers.

Image Source/@MBuhari Twitter

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