OPINION: Of Revolution and Bad Governance—By Adindu Nwakwuribe.

Karl Marx it was, in his Communist Manifesto  of 1848,who wrote about the contradictions of capitalism and the exploitation of the ruling class over the poor peasants.He predicted that a time would come when as a result of mass misery,poverty,and indignation arising from man’s inhumanity to man,perpetrated by the bourgeoisie against the proletariat,there will be a mass revolt.This revolution would be spontaneous and led by the people against members of the ruling elites,to a point of removing them forcefully from power.

Political scientists believe that revolutions are violent and fundamental upturn of governments or their ouster for that matter.

History is replete with many such events,like the American revolution of 1799,the British revolutions in the 1800’s,and the October 1917 revolution of Russia nay former Soviet Union.It is vital to note that the Chinese revolution of the 1900’s led by Chairman Mao Tse Tung took time to build up and then it exploded.

This piece is trying to assert that revolutions can occur anywhere at any time,and spontaneously too.Therefore, Nigeria is not an exception to the rule and cannot be.And they cannot be suppressed by force of arms when they are triggered off.To assume that this is impossible here is to embark on pure folly.

Just recently the last revolution,the Arab Spring occurred and swept away many leaders. It took place close to us here, beginning from a grocery seller in the streets of Tunis who in protest, took his life,it spread to Egypt,Libya,and even Yemen.Where it was mild,it led to an overhaul of their constitutions and regimes,such as in Morocco,Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

Class struggles are usually functions of maladministration,marginalization,repression,suppression and the likes of a set of people by others. It is a fact that in Nigeria over the last couple of years abject poverty and hunger have pervaded our land. Kidnappings,banditry, insurgency have gained ground,and have become the order of the day.While,it didn’t start today under Buhari,it has no doubt assumed epic proportions across the country.It is certain the Boko Haram attacks and sacking of some local government areas across the North East,have been worsened by herdsmen attacks,pillaging,murders,rape and disembowelment of innocent citizens.

The big question is, what has or have our governments done….certainly too little if any to be significant. No matter the level of effort,to the extent that these evils continue to pervade the land,no right thinking citizen would be happy,or accept that something is being done,at both the federal and state levels.

Therefore,looking at these signs and the growing youth restiveness arising from high unemployment,consequent drug abuse by both youths and children,poor or total lack of payment of salaries and pensions across the country running into and over 1 or 2 years,the people have clearly been pushed to the wall.It is becoming clearer that it is an illusion to keep feeling that Nigerians are perennially a suffering and smiling people.

The attack on Senator Ike Ekweremadu in Nuremburg ,Germany by Nigerians,IPOB or not,is a dangerous sign to our leaders.The follow up threats against some leaders to step into Europe is an even greater keg of gun powder.It is even more foolish to think that this concerns only South East leaders, this is so because among the major properties of a riotous crowd is anonymity. So,all Nigerian leaders of all ethnic background, must sit up now. They need to change attitude and work to deliver the goods to Nigerians,else,it would only be a matter of time the people’s action.

This article is a call for positive action to save the country from possible danger.

Adindu Nwakwuribe is a political scientist and social analyst, he writes from Aba.

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