NLC Lauds Venezuela’s People-oriented Policies, Resistance 

By Esther Atani, The Sight News

ABUJA: The Nigeria Labour Congress, (NLC), has lauded Venezuela over its People-oriented policy and mindset even in her struggle against interference and aggression by world power—United States of America.

In his speech on Monday, the NLC Acting President, Comrade Najeem Yasin who received the Venezuelan Vice President and other delegates at the Congress headquarters on Thursday, expressed support for the Venezuelan government.

The visit which was to join Nigeria in the June 12, Democracy Day celebration, was also an avenue to fight for the Venezuelan democracy and freedom.

Also speaking, the Cuban Ambassador to Nigeria, His Excellency, Carlos Trejo Sosa applauded the contribution of Venezuela to Nigeria and Africa.

He urged the Venezuelan government to stay strong and not relinquish their independence and dignity as they represent a symbol for other countries.

The Ambassador, pledged the support of Africa as a whole and Cuba to the Venezuelan fight for continued nationhood and self-determination, even as 20,000 Cuban doctors were sent to Venezuela as a show of solidarity and love for the nation.

Earlier, the representative of Cuba Solidarity Group Nigeria, Dimeji Macaulay, maintained that Cuba and Venezuela were being persecuted and harassed for their Marxist political ideology, affording their citizens with free education and their vast natural resources.

Meanwhile, Comrade Gado Usain, representative of a Socialist Ideology School, with the view that, “Injustice to one is injustice to all”, called on the media to give an accurate depiction of the crises in Venezuela untainted by imperialist views and leanings.

He pleaded for a global consciousness of the ever-increasing intervention of the US in developing countries and the slow transformation of these countries into appendages of the US.

For his part, the Venezuelan Vice President, Delcy Rodriguez while speaking on behalf of the president, expressed gratitude to the NLC and other groups and organizations that has so far supported their cause.

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