Nigerian Models, Vital Tools But Neglected—By Emmanuel Amuwo

The importance of models in nation building has been underutilized. Models are a symbol of love and they can make the world a better place for everyone if they are given the right support and opportunities to use their influence in service to their fatherland.

The Nigerian modeling sector is a multi-million dollar sector and yet, the key stakeholders—MODELS, are not given proper attention. In a situation where the old ones are not willing to leave, the new ones are striving to get opportunities while the aspiring ones can’t wait to be part of it. If more opportunities are not created, it becomes choked which will result to different happenings such as desperation to get jobs and all.

In a lot of cases, there is no loyalty from models to their managers, but if you ask these models, they will give you convincing reasons why they refused to be loyal to their managers. Though truly speaking, without the managers, the industry can’t grow and without the models, the managers are nothing. The solution to all these is to create more opportunities for these models and expansion for managers.

At an event that was held in January “EKO MODELS HANGOUT” at Airport hotel, Ikeja, we heard so much from models and some could not hold back their emotions.

Models are hard-working and to be a model takes a lot of discipline, consistency, tolerance and perseverance amongst others.

How will a state government improve in tourism if you do not pay attention to the wellbeing of models that are major players? I am of a sincere opinion that the government does not have an idea of the importance of models in the society, reason less attention has been given.

Our upcoming event which will be the first of its kind “NIGERIAN MODELS PARADE” with the theme “UPLIFTING THE BEAUTY AND DIVERSITY IN MODELLING” , will further project the essence of these models. Over 35,000 live audience will be wowed at the lined up activities which will most definitely have a long-lasting impression.

Asides from showcasing diversities in modeling, we also intend to further create a synergy between models and corporate organizations. Of course, outstanding model managers will be honored and appreciated for roles they have played in the lives of these models.

With the right support and motivation, I am certain Models will take their rightful place as “THE SALT OF THE WORLD”.
Models have been limited for so long, therefore it is time for Nigerian MODELS to convincingly show their capabilities and that will be displayed at “NIGERIAN MODELS PARADE” where ONE THOUSAND (1,000) models will be showcased.

I say a big congratulations to all Nigerian Models because something BIG is about to hit the Nigerian modeling industry and you will be proud to be referred to as a MODEL.

I appreciate our stakeholders in the advertising, media, hospitality, tourism, finance, logistics, oil & gas, arts and culture industry that are collaborating to ensure the success of the maiden edition of the NIGERIAN MODELS PARADE 2019.


Mr. Emmanuel Amuwo is the Managing Director of Horizontal Initiative Concept Limited 08098482374 (whatsApp)

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