NigeriaAt59: NLC Calls for Reflection,  Relaunch of the Nigerian Dream

As Nigeria marks its 59th Independence Day, the Nigeria Labour Congress has called on Nigerians to reflect, reprioritise, restrategise, reposition, and relaunch the Nigerian dream.

The NLC President, Comrade Ayuba Wabba in his Independence message, said that no nation survives or thrives by chance or wishful thinking, stating that as leaders and citizens, Nigerians owe themselves, and generations unborn the responsibility of bequeathing a nation of justice, equity and prosperity. 

“On behalf of Nigerian workers, pensioners, citizens and our families, I wish to congratulate the government and the people of Nigeria on the occasion of the 59th Independence Anniversary of Nigeria.

“This year’s celebration is quite epochal given that we had our general election in March 2019. It was an election where we elected political leaders at the Federal and State levels. It was not a perfect election but at the end of the day, Nigerians despite their political differences were able to put Nigeria above personal and partisan aspirations”, he said.

He added that the occasion of the 59th Independence Anniversary of Nigeria, like the ones before it, offer Nigeria an opportunity for serious soul-searching and very candid reflection.

According to him, “Despite the best efforts of successive political leadership, we cannot say that we are where we ought to be. Our dreams for a great country are yet to be achieved. There are certainly a lot of room for self re-discovery in the midst of the current grave challenges in human capital development, infrastructure, security and public order.

“Now is the time for the Nigerian renaissance. This is a call on both the leadership and followers. At stake is our pride as the largest population of black people on earth. We have a duty to make that count for something! 

“Now is the time to make our public schools and hospitals the centres of excellence. Now is the time to climb out of the tunnel of darkness and provide the electricity needed to power the potentials of our people. Now is the time to clean our political space and ensure that every vote counts. 

“Now is the time to drown the noise of strife and violence with conversations for peaceful co-existence. Now is the time to build the critical infrastructure that will become the backbone of our collective quest for relevance globally and leadership on the African continent”, he remarked. 

Furthermore, Wabba noted that as the world braces for a new world of work, challenges of climate change and stiff contestations for global order, Nigerians must create a new global relevance for Nigeria and consolidate her leadership on the continent, stating that nothing less would appease the labours of her heroes past. 

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