Makinde’s Asset Declaration: Adisa Condemns APC’s Comments

The Chief Press Secretary to the Oyo State Governor, Engineer Seyi Makinde, Mr Taiwo Adisa has taken a swipe at the All Progressives Congress APC, saying that the party should be ashamed of making comments on public declaration of the Governor’s assets.

Adisa was reacting during an interview with our correspondent on Tuesday to the comment attributed to the state’s chairman of the party, Mr Akin Oke who requested that the Governor should not only tell people what he has but also how he accumulated them.

The Governor’s Spokesman further revealed that the opposition party does not have anything to say on the matter because it did not show example of probity, accountability and sincerity to the people of Oyo State.

In his words: “I am surprised that somebody in the APC is not ashamed to make a comment on this matter. How shameful could this be for the leader of a party that has just left government not to understand the tenets of constitution and what it requires of his members who just finished serving the state?

“What Governor Seyi Makinde has just done was also required of APC members in the government up to May 28, 2019. How many of them did the Chairman asked to openly declare their assets? How many of the Board members who served in the government of Oyo State up to May 28 has the Chairman of APC requested that they should go and declare their assets openly? How many of them has he seen investigated? How many of them has he seen declare their asset declaration form?

“So if a man has kept to his words in a certain way, you just have to acknowledge that he has kept his words. You don’t need to play opposition with everything even when you don’t have anything to say. I believe sincerely that whoever is saying that does not have anything to say because the party, in this state, has not shown example of probity, accountability and sincerity to the people of Oyo State.”

Adding, Adisa opined: “So, if your party has failed the people and somebody is trying to reclaim the state in a good process and you still open your mouth to make negative comments, it shows the limit of shamelessness on this matter.”

Governor Makinde had, on Monday, declared N48 billion naira worth of assets.

With the public declaration of asset, Makinde said he has fulfilled one of his campaign promises, thereby urging members of his team to do same.

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