Kano-Maradi Rail Project Likely to Kick Off After Lagos-Ibadan—Amaechi

The Minister of Transportation, Hon. Chibuike Amaechi, has revealed that on completion of the 157-kilometer long Lagos-Ibadan standard gauge project which started in March 2017, the next project likely to kick off will be the Kano-Maradi rail line.

Amaechi, who said this over the weekend while inspecting the stations on the Lagos-Ibadan Railway line, said that the Kano-Maradi project is at the stage of loan negotiation, adding that they are even fast tracking them.

In his words, “We believe that the fastest project will be Kano-Maradi. They are already doing Front-end Engineering even before the loan; we are insisting on that, and we believe that the Front-end Engineering should be able to end before January, so we should be able to start construction before then.

“However, they should start now to acquire right of way, pay compensation and start clearing the right of way so that we can prepare, pending when the Front-end Engineering is over. There is a transition period between now and January, I suspect Kano-Maradi will start first”, he added.

The Minister further noted that Front-end Engineering from Ibadan to Kano is also ongoing, adding that they are acquiring right of way and paying compensation on this line which they will also soon start.

While speaking on the Port-Harcourt to Maiduguri project, he noted that there is no timeline, owing to the fact that it is more tedious to borrow money from the Chinese, even though the terms are good, stating also that even when the banks finish their commercial process, they still need to go to the Government before work can start.

He reiterated that the next project which will likely kick off easily will be the Kano-Maradi whose loan is coming from the European Bank.

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