June 12: CODE Tasks FG on Citizens’ Empowerment, Effective Democratic Governance.

As Nigeria marks the beginning of an era with the commemoration of June 12 as Democracy Day, leading Civil Society group, Connected Development, has charged the Federal Government on the need to empower its citizens socially, economically and politically.

According to CODE, true democracy thrives on inclusive government, the assurance of fundamentals human rights and the freedom of the Press. These are factors that promote good governance and peaceful co-existence of people of diverse cultural, religious and ethnic society.

During an interview recently, Chief Executive of CODE, Hamzat Lawal, stated that Nigeria has witnessed fluctuations in economic activities, high rate of insecurity and the blurring of the middle class in her socioeconomic spectrum.

He added that political rivalry, resource allocation conflicts, ethnic and religious issues have posed as gridlock to an effective democratic governance in the country and called on the Federal Government to deliver on the pillars of democracy that will bring about significant development and a thriving economy.

According to Lawal, it is imperative for the leadership of the country to adopt sustainable growth measures that will lead to the implementation of the roadmap for improved electricity, strengthen the quality of education, curtail the increasing number of out-of-school children, address housing challenges, urgently provide solutions to the huge deficit in healthcare facilities, erect functional infrastructures, promote the ease of doing business, provide standard social services and secure lives of the Nigerian people.

CODE’s Boss added that true democracy will be achieved when the citizens of Nigeria are empowered in every sense and their collective voices are heard.

“Without rectifying these issues, the repercussion will be a situation where a few benefits and the masses suffer. We hope to see a Nigeria that is truly democratic, where the rule of law and respect for the Nigerian constitution is upheld.

“As Nigeria celebrates Democracy Day, we must remember the labours of our past heroes who lost their lives in the consistent agitation for democratic governance in Nigeria”, Lawal stated.

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