HURIWA Set to Write Queen of England, Commonwealth to Expel Nigeria Over Police Extralegal Killings of Citizens.

The Prominent Civil Rights Advocacy group, Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria (HURIWA) has disclosed that it will send a strongly worded letter to the Queen of England and the British Government to expel Nigeria from the Commonwealth of Nations since the Nigerian Police Force has become a ‘state funded terror organization’.

This is as it noted that the Police in Nigeria be declared a ‘terror organization’ if after a week, and no strong measures are adopted to punish killers in police uniform.

The HURIWA National Coordinator, Comrade Emmanuel Onwubiko who made these known in Abuja on Wednesday at a press briefing, expressed great disappointment that the Nigerian government and all relevant non state actors have stood by as the NIGERIA Police Force has been turned into a killer squad and the MOST notorious violator of the human rights of citizens, even with all the constitutional provisions that make it obligatory that the inviolable Human Rights of the Citizens are respected and protected.

According to Onwubiko, “It is unfortunate that President Muhammadu Buhari has treated with kid gloves the critical issue of the organised use of torture, extralegal execution of Nigerians as the tactics of policing in Nigeria in spite of all the inherent and attendant breaches of the constitutional protected freedoms of the citizens.

“The Nigerian Police Force has decidedly set up units whose duties are just to extort Nigerians, arrest and detain innocent people the moment a patron was able to pay the SERVICE CHARGES FOR THE BIG MEN IN THE NIGERIAN POLICE”.

The HURIWA Coordinator, who noted that they have two related matters of Police reckless behavioural tendencies and have sent a petition to the Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, urged Nigerians to rise and defend their non negotiable human rights to life, noting that once they get killed, that ends their human rights.

HURIWA stated that the two matters were titled, ” A complaint against a manifest act of insubordination, indiscipline, disobedience to lawful directives of the Inspection-General of Police and the Continuous harassment of Ozor Joseph Nnaji, HRH Igwe Mike Nnukwu and others by the Special Tactical Squad (STS): A notification of an ugly and dangerous trend in the institution of the Nigerian Police Force”. While the second issue is the kidnapping, sexual violations and extralegal execution of a Youth Corp member Miss Ifeoma Stella Abugu by the SARS IN ABUJA.

Onwubiko emphasized that the constitution created the Police Service Commission to check the excesses of the Police, but those who enforce these provisions have made sure that the Police Service Commission becomes and operates like a contraption.

“This is why Ifeoma got killed because the statute stipulating the functions and powers of the Police Service Commission have been continuously thwarted and sabotaged from both within and without just as the police service commission ACT ought to stop all these lawlessness but then if you check how recklessly unprofessional hundreds of thousands of police operatives are, you will agree with me that the laws setting up this disciplinary commission for the police has been desecrated”, he stated.

He further noted that lack of effective checks and balances led to Miss. Ifeoma’s fall to the crude form of policing tactics that is criminal in nature in Nigeria which both the executive, legislative and judicial systems have collectively failed to stop.

“Those populating the leadership cadre of these arms of government constitute the corrosive elite that have messed up the nation.The elites in Nigeria do not blink an eye when the likes of Ifeoma Abugu is brutally killed. This is because their children are all in European schools and America where they collectively took our public resources and diverted them to their personal accounts”, he pointed out.

He explained that the following principles, norms and values can serve as criteria (measurements) for ethical and professional police behaviour; Respect for liberty and equality of every person, Service, Truth, property, and life.

“These Commonwealth principles are commonsensical and rational and these steps and measures are not rocket science. Do we continue to allow the trigger happy and rogue police operatives to kill more IFEOMAS, OLUS, AHMADUS? We must stop these police terrorism on the underprivileged citizens who are in their tens of millions”, he stressed.

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