Erosion of Preparation Process, Bane of Nigeria’s Leadership Dev’t – Chukwuma 

Abuja:  Erosion of the leadership preparation process in Nigeria has been identified as the reason for the dearth in progressive leadership in the nation’s political space.

The Regional Director, Ford Foundation Office for West Africa,  Innocent Chukwuma stated this on Thursday in Abuja, during a presentation at a Colloquium organized to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Center for Leadership, Strategy and Development,  Center LSD.

In the presentation titled “Nigeria and the Challenges of Leadership and Strategy”, Mr. Chukwuma also pointed out that the disconnect between leaders and the people accounts to another reason for failure of leadership in the country.

He also bemoaned the several challenges and issues of divisiveness bedeviling the nation, blaming them on years of failure of leadership to genuinely unite Nigerians.

Chukwuma further urged all Nigerians as well as political leaders to strive to develop a pan-Nigerian consciousness otherwise the nation is going nowhere.

On his part, the Founding Executive Director of Center LSD, Otive Igbuzor held that with the decline of progressive leadership around the world, there is the need for nations to think out ways to address the issue.

Mr. Otive, who is the Chief of Staff to the Deputy Senate President,  Omo-Agege, further highlighted some of the factors that must be in place if Africa’s bad leadership narrative will ever be altered.

“There are several things that need to be done towards addressing the leadership needs of the country. The basic thing is to build a new crop of leadership and this requires us to revisit the educational system. What we know and how we know it. The way we think and it also requires new practices.

“It also requires new laws about how we relate, new attitude and new morality.  It requires a new consciousness of us as Nigerians; first before you are an Urobo Man or a hausa, Yoruba,  Igbo, and until we return to these bases we would continue to have challenges in Leadership”, he said.

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