Carnival Calabar to Foster Religious, Ethnic Tolerance—Onah

The Cross River State Carnival Commission Chairman Gabe Onah, has revealed that the Carnival Calabar will foster ethnic and religious tolerance through art.

Onah stated that the carnival’s theme, “Humanity”, would be explored using the elements of theatre, The Nation reports.

The chairman said the bands would be interpreting the theme through drama, costumes, make-up, magic, acrobatics and dance choreography.

According to him, “Since the coming of Governor Ben Ayade, carnival themes have been of contemporary relevance and global in appeal.

“He believes that artificial barriers are all created by humanity, and so urges that the intellectual content of the carnival should be beyond dance where it must pass a strong message that would make the world a better place.”

He further noted that, “Hence, for carnival 2019, in interpreting the theme ‘Humanity’ as the guiding philosophy, the different bands will depict the human compassionate spirit of good over evil and the need for tolerance among the people of the world; Muslims and Christians; the rich and the poor; the strong and the weak, using all the elements of theatre (drama, costumes, make-up, magic, acrobatics and dance choreography).”

The chairman reiterated the commission’s mandate to, “espouse lucrative opportunities in a creative economy to change lives through the huge job opportunities… prior to and after the Carnival Calabar. 

“The carnival planning is deliberately followed in a sustainable manner to achieve the MDG and New partnerships for African Development (NEPAD) frameworks”, he added.

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