Carnival Calabar 2019 Not Just About Dance But Restoring Humanity—Gov. Ayade

L-R: Gov Ben Ayade and Deputy Governor, Prof Ivara Esu at the Carnival Calabar Dry Run

As the 2019 Carnival Calabar dry run flagged off on Sunday, the Cross River State Governor, Prof. Ben Ayade, has said that the carnival is beyond dance, as it is out to restore humanity.

Ayade, who said this in Calabar, stressed on the need for humans to stop the war and embrace peace, so as to forge ahead and make progress.

He stated that the carnival is out to celebrate humanity, adding that it is time for humans to reunite as a people, and bring value to the human race.

According to him, “The rate at which human beings are going, we will soon become the animal kingdom and the animals, human. I have seen videos where young people put fire on a fellow human being and watch back to record with laughter.

“I have seen human beings trying to cross the Mediterranean sea and on the other side they are arrested and put in a dungeon. We need to call the world’s attention, be it the United Nations, world bank or whatever international organization it is, immigration and all the barriers were created by man.

“Humanity is one and is common, irrespective of color, economy, class and geography. If we don’t have this consciousness, to bring the world’s attention to the rapid deterioration of mankind, we are soon going to be having humans taking pleasure in animals,and also eating each other. 

“We have heard stories of human beings trading on human organs. Humanity is going, we are losing everything that makes us human,” he remarked. 

He further noted that it is time for the entire world to watch a dance and procession that tells the story of the rate and the rapidity with which human beings with an obsolete intentionality degenerate to a point of abyss. 

While emphasizing that God created mankind to make the world better, he added that mankind is rather developing all technology to wipe out humanity. 

He further questioned the roles being played by international bodies such as the World Bank, United Nations and the developed world, stating that they are only advancing Artificial Intelligence and losing humanity. 

In his words, “It is time for the world to come together to put an end to this and it is only when we do, that the whole essence of being will be restored. 

“To me, as we enter into 2020, human beings must change. People must understand that the carnival is not about the dance but the philosophy, message and intent,” he ended.

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