Aviation Minister Insists NAIA April 19 Due Date On Schedule

Abuja- With a week left to the reopening of the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport which was shut down for maintenance and repairs on March 8, the Minister of State for Aviation Senator Hadi Sirika has disclosed that the April 19 due date for reopening is on schedule.


Sirika who made the disclosure on Tuesday at an inspection of the NAIA, noted that the runway had some undulated surfaces earlier which has been tended to and reduced significantly to near even level. ‎


He announced that a part of the Airfield lighting and the markings which are being done simultaneously are the things remaining.


According to him; “You could see that we have finished asphalting and we are at 96 percent completion level of the runway. You could see that where we are is runway 22. ‎Remember the work started from runway 04 and ended at runway 22.
“Also the chamber for it to drain our rains have been improved upon so the runway won’t be retaining water as it where in the past. We’ve got about a week to the due date for opening so we are on schedule” Sirika confirms.


The Minister also debunked the insinuation that the airport will be run for only 12 hours after opening.


The Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport was closed down for six weeks for maintenance purposes and flights were moved to the Kaduna International Airport(KAI). April 19 was given as date for reopening.

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