2019: Young Progressive Party Pledges Service Oriented Leadership

Abuja-The Young Progressive Party, (YPP)has said that it will provide vibrant leadership to harness the vast human and natural resources of the nation for the benefit of every Nigerian.

While acknowledging the efforts of past leaders, the party insisted that there was need for a more dynamic leadership in a digital age to drive the nation’s economy and political systems to measure up in the committee of nations.

Recall that YPP was among five newly registered political parties by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC.

Addressing newsmen in Abuja, the National Chairman of the Party, Comrade Bishop Amakiri noted that the party is determined to galvanize and mobilise the youth population toward taking back the nation from the hands of a select elders, who have continued to misappropriate the country’s wealth to the detriment of the Nigerian people.

According to him,”One of the major obstacles to the achievement of our full potentials as a nation is the failure of the successive regimes to utilize the abundant human resources that we have and also failed to galvanize the energy, strength, knowledge and skill of the majority of the country’s population (the Youths) to drive the economy and political system”.

“The party has come to provide the platform for the recruitment and enrollment of new generation leaders; of positive influence, who are energetic, resourceful, skillful, smart and intelligent to respond to the need and aspirations of Nigerians”.

Amakiri noted that what the political system of the country over the years lacked was service based leadership, stressing that the YPP has come to provide that aspect to Nigerians.

“Most of the political parties that operated before us operated in deceit. What the people are looking for is for service not power. Power already belongs to the people.

“But the problem is that when the people give these politicians the power through their votes, they don’t give them in return the service they require. That is why we have decided to give the people the service that they have longed for. With service comes accountability and that is what we are bringing on board” he said.

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