Welcoming Buhari’s Economic Recovery Plan

By Abdulaziz M. Salisu

With a month to the two anniversary of his administration President Muhammadu Buhari has launched the Nigeria Economic Recovery and Growth Plan, ERGP, which seeks to restore the nation’s economic status following the high rate of inflation and recession.


Launching the programme, President Buhari said his administration inherited numerous challenges at inception. He also said his campaign was based on the difficult situation that Nigeria was in and the need for enduring positive change.


The president said his administration is committed to delivering on the three key areas that he promised during the campaigns; which are to tackle corruption, insecurity and ensure economic growth.


“Security in the North East and other parts of Nigeria today is better than when we came in. Law enforcement agencies are prosecuting many cases of corruption and I assure all Nigerians that we are approaching our economic challenges in the same manner we are fighting insecurity and corruption,” he said.


Going through the document, the ERGP focusses on agriculture with a view to ensuring adequate food security as well as energy, industrialisation and social investment. It is an ambitious plan that seeks to achieve a 7 per cent economic growth by the year 2020.The aim is not just to remove the country out of recession, but to put it on the path of strength and growth, away from being an import dependent nation.


The ERGP is set to create an environment for businesses to thrive.


The ERGP is Buhari’s fulfilment of his campaign promises to reinvigorate the Nigerian economy.


Meanwhile some government officials have explained the broad objectives of the ERGP, which among other things is to restore growth, invest in our people and build a globally competitive economy.


With this development, we must pledge with all tiers and arms of government to cooperate in ensuring the successful implementation of the plan. It is undeniable fact that the launch of the ERGP is a significant milestone in the economic development and management which provides a basis for inclusive growth in the country.


It is necessary that states as well local councils should take ownership of the plan and ensure its implementation as it concerns other levels of government. Our governors should draw inspiration from the plan and articulate their own plans that will lead them to real growth.


It is gladdening to learn that President Buhari has already approved the establishment of a unit in the presidency that will monitor the implementation of the plan. Other relevant ministries too should ensure they have desk officers for successful monitoring and implementation.


It is hoped that with the launching of the Economic Growth Recovery Plan Nigerians will now produce what they need and export the surplus for foreign exchange.

I pray it works.

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