Real Estate: Nigeria is a Promising Market, Says Dubai Developers

Nigeria has been said to possess a booming, promising and viable market for real estate, with ample opportunities for investors to tap from.

Real estate according to Senior Property Consultant, Venture Horizon, George .J. Lloyd, “is an old and traditional asset class, a tangible and very popular asset and relatively easy to understand and comes with safety as an immobile asset. You can always go there and check if it exist and if worst comes to worst you can always live in it yourself”.

Lloyd who deals on real estate in Dubai, spoke with The Sight News at the just concluded Abuja International Housing show, where he stated that Nigeria has a lot of opportunities.

“There is a lot of opportunities here, not only in the bigger cities like Lagos, but also a place like Abuja which is a comparatively small city to Lagos, and therefore has more potential to grow and make more money.

“I think Nigeria is a great market and it is also a very good idea to think, to have a certain amount of asset outside the country in a safe place like Dubai” he said.

Lloyd explained that Venture Horizon which is based in Dubai, focuses on people outside of Dubai, to offer them one stop shop to purchase and manage their assets in Dubai and announced that plans are in place to also have it’s office in Nigeria apart from it’s Ghana office.

“In Africa at the moment, we have only Ghana office, however, it is already a plan that is very far progressed, to set up shops in Nigeria, Lagos and/ or Abuja” he remarked

Speaking on his experience at the housing show, he expressed happiness over the turn out, as well as surprise at the number of people that were interested in investing in assets in Dubai.

“It is the first, I was positive but not that positive, I am really happy to have made this experience and be in it right now” Lloyd added.

The Sight News also caught up with the Director of Operations, Venture Horizon, Muhammad Amir, who also emphasized that the real estate market in Nigeria is booming.

Amir stated that they are already working on a lot of collaborations with the local companies in Nigeria, stressing that, “hopefully, we get to the point where we are able to get an agreement and help each other”.

According to him, “Market in Nigeria is booming, I have had people at the stand, mostly developers, they’ve been given lands from the government itself and it shows that they are actually taking a lot of initiatives to build and give a boom to the real estate industry and I think it is really really expanding”

Speaking on their business model, he said, “we are helping all the investors around the world, to diversify their investment portfolio by giving them the service that they exactly want,while they are not there in Dubai and if they are not there, we take care of their assets”.

He expressed satisfaction with the Abuja International Housing show, stating thus, “We are participating in this exhibition, Abuja Housing Authority and we had an outstanding outcome, everybody showed and expressed their interest. We plan to open our branches here, so that we can help everyone to do their best when it comes to their investment”.

With the turnout of participants at the Abuja International Housing Show, there is no doubt that Nigeria’s real estate market is indeed a promising and great market.

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