NiMet: Poor Visibility, Dust Haze to Cause More Flight Cancellations 

The Nigerian Meteorological Agency(NiMet), has disclosed, that the present dust haze in the atmosphere will disrupt flight operations, leading to cancellation and delay of flights at some airports across the country.

This is just as the Agency pointed out, that a considerable amount of dust has been released into the atmosphere over the source region in southern Chad and Niger Republic.

It further added, that strong North-easterly winds of about 20kt at the surface and 40kt at about 900m above have been observed over the region.

NiMet, explained, that this is consequently responsible for the lifting and southward propagation of dust into the country, stating however, that some stations over the northern parts of the country are already in hazy conditions with visibility as low as 200m especially over north eastern cities.

Disclosing these in a statement signed by Zakariyau D. Abdulrasheed for Director Weather Forecasting Services,it was announced that a fresh dust plume is expected to propagate into the country in the next 24 hours and this will further deteriorate horizontal visibilities across the country.

“Combined with the dust already in suspension for the past two days, further deterioration in horizontal visibilities to values below 1000m is expected especially over the northern parts of the country.

“Southward transportation of the dust is anticipated to further deteriorate the horizontal visibility over the central states and the southern cities in dust haze condition with visibility ranging from 1500 – 5000m. Some cities over these regions are expected to be in visibility less than 1000m.

“The expected state of the atmosphere in the coming days will likely disrupt flight operations. Cancellation and delay of flights at some airports across the country are anticipated especially over the Northern cities”,the statement read.

NiMet, further advised road users, to exercise caution and avoid over speeding especially during early morning period when horizontal visibility is impaired by fog, mist or dust haze.

Also, due to increased concentration of dust, people allergic to dust were advised to take necessary precautions, reduce their exposure to dust and take their medications to alleviate its effect on their health.

“Nigerian Meteorological Agency will continue to monitor the weather and keep the public updated by providing reliable daily weather forecast”, it concluded.

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