Injustice: Nigerian Association Of Women In Sports Condemns Battering Of Member During NSF Elections.

The Sight News

The Nigerian Association of Women In Sports(NAWIS) has condemned in totality the maltreatment and injustice meted out to one of its member Rosa Collins who was elected to represent NAWIS at Athletic Federation of Nigeria Board but was later substituted.

The Sight News gathered that Rosa Collins was attacked and battered during the National Sports Federation Election which held in Abuja on 13th June, 2017.

Speaking on the matter, the NAWIS Secretary General Prof. Marian Suleiman emphasized that Rosa Collins won the election and her name was forwarded to the Ministry but was later substituted with Gloria Obajimi who was out of the country when NAWIS held its election of representatives and therefore did not participate even though she was however very much aware of the election.

According to her; “NAWIS held election of her representative on the National Sports Federation Boards as stipulated by Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development guideline. The election was supervised by Alhaji Durotoye a deputy Director assigned to do that by the ministry.

“Rosa Collins was maltreated by some unprogressive individuals who were bent on seeing that Athletic Federation of Nigeria remains stagnant, as a result of which they were provoked by the enthusiasm and willingness of Rosa Collins to make positive impact to the Federation”

She further said that,”NAWIS obeyed the guideline which did not permit voting for someone who was absent. It is Rosa Collins’ right to claim the mandate given to her by NAWIS through democratic election. Therefore, NAWIS reaffirms that Rosa Collins is the person duly elected to represent us at Athletic Federation of Nigeria Board.

“It will be recalled that the Honourable Minister of Sport emphasized transparency and democracy in the National Sports Federation election which the Association adhered to” she added.

The aggrieved members have however called on the Honourable Minister of youth and Sport to sanction all those involved in the manipulation and substituting Rosa Collins’ name with Gloria Obajimi, stressing that the injustice must be adequately addressed and Nigeria must depart from injustice and lack of progress in sport.

The group demanded that well-meaning Nigerians condemn the beating and battering of Rosa Collins and to ensure that her name which was removed be put back on the Board of Nigeria Athletic Federation to further contribute her quota to Sports development in Nigeria.

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