Exclusive: How Mexican Envoy Plans to Strengthen Bilateral Relations with Nigeria

Mexican Ambassador to Nigeria, His Excellency Alejandro Garcia Moreno

Set to Hold Mexican Chamber of Commerce Summit 

By Gabriel Ameh and Celine Samuel

ABUJA: Nigeria is ranked 27th largest economy in the world in terms of nominal Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and 22nd in terms of purchasing power parity. The largest economy in Africa with its re-emergent manufacturing sector as the largest in the continent in 2013.

Though previously hindered by years of mismanagement, the economic reforms of past decades have put Nigeria’s economy back on track towards achieving its full potentials.

It is on this backdrop that the Mexican Ambassador,His Excellency Alejandro Garcia Moreno who spoke with The Sight News reporters recently in Abuja in an interview, stated that the mission of the embassy to Nigeria is to further increase mutual knowledge between both countries.

Moreno congratulated Nigeria on switching to, and maintaining a Democratic Government, adding that regardless of the issues that might be surrounding the nation, Nigeria has taken a huge step to becoming a stable economy and country in General.

The Ambassador further revealed that the embassy is looking at building and strengthening the existing bilateral relations between Nigeria and Mexico.

He also stated that trading and investment will be a major tool in strengthening the relationship between the two countries.

L-R: Mexican Ambassador H.E Alejandro Moreno with  The Sight News Reporter, Gabriel Ameh

According to him, “There has been an existing bilateral relationship between both countries that need to be strengthened. In 2012 we signed a bilateral agreement on trade and economy in Nigeria and the trade volume between Nigeria and Mexico grew from $166.5 million in 2012 to $600 million in 2016.

“We are looking at building and strengthening the bilateral relation, that is why we want to have a Mexican Chamber of Commerce Summit and wants all Nigerian business men to participate in November, as its part of our measures to enhance the relationship.

“We don’t want this year to pass without having concrete progress in our bilateral relations that is why we are looking at a way to build a solid structure towards achieving a better success”, he remarked.

L-R: The Sight News Reporter, Celine Samuel with the Mexican Ambassador H.E Alejandro Moreno.

He pointed out that Mexico is responsible for the farming and production of a lot of Food Crops such as maize and as a result they also have a whole lot of companies involved in the production of several Food Supplements and Vitamins that could be used in the fight against Hunger in the country and continent at Large.

Moreno, revealed that the companies that produce these Food Supplements and Vitamins are very much interested and willing to branch out to Nigeria and will through that, create unlimited job opportunities and networking access between individuals in both countries.

Speaking further on the bilateral relations, he stated that a Nigerian who has an American passport does not require a mexican passport to fly to Mexico or other South American states.

Head, Consular/Trade Affairs, Francesco Martinez

For his part, the Head, Consular/Trade Affairs, Francesco Martinez who also spoke with our reporters, noted that Mexico has been assisting Nigerian youths to travel to Mexico in partnership with International Centre for Improvements of Maize and Wheat to study on how to improve her maize.

While noting that Mexicans are large consumers of maize, he added that when the Nigerian youths are trained in Mexico, they come back to Nigeria to apply the knowledge acquired on maize improvements.

Concluding, he echoed the fact that bolstering the relationship between Nigeria and Mexico through Trading, Investment, Tourism and Networking will be of high benefits to both Nations for now and in the future.

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