Capacity Building: NOTN, Harvard African Law Association Sign MoU

The Nigerian Office for Trade Negotiations (NOTN) and the Harvard African Law Association (HALA) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), with the purpose of establishing a channel for HALA members to regularly perform clinical work at NOTN.

The ultimate intent in the mutually agreed MoU shall be to establish a formal trade law clinic at Harvard Law School (HLS) centered on the work priorities at NOTN.

Recognizing the mutual benefits of this relationship, the Director-General of NOTN, Ambassador Chiedu Osakwe, and the HALA members identified opportunities to strengthen the legal and policy research bonds between NOTN and HALA as a means to support the negotiating priorities of the NOTN, as well as investing in and training the foundational generation of NOTN Negotiators.

The NOTN and HALA commit to establish a standing professional working relationship in which Harvard Law students contribute and serve in well-defined attachment roles at the NOTIN.

The MoU establishes a platform for members of HALA to provide legal and policy research assistance to the NOTN. It also serves as a starting point for the eventual development of a formal trade law clinic at HLS.

The goal is to develop and provide substantive work programs for HLS students during the winter term at NOTN. HALA will advertise and promote opportunities to its members to work at the NOTN via HLS’s international independent clinical program during the winter term.

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